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About Edusmartpro

Our Story: Committed to Your Professional Growth

After witnessing the struggles students faced with traditional finance education—intense pressure, long hours, and a gap between theory and practice—our founders, Sonali Deb Nath, Jasmine Pinto, and Santosh, established Edusmartpro. With years of experience as finance professionals and qualifications in CA, CS, LLB, and DISA, they aim to transform finance education into a practical, empowering journey that truly prepares students for the real-world challenges and opportunities in finance.

Our Values

The Foundation Of Our Integrity And Commitment

Exam And Result Focused

Our coaching programs are meticulously structured to be exam and result focused. We provide comprehensive study plans, regular assessments, and targeted practice to ensure our students are fully prepared for their exams. 

Affordable Education

We believe that quality education should be accessible to all. Our programs are designed to be affordable without compromising on excellence. We strive to offer competitive pricing, making top-tier coaching for US CMA, ACCA, and CA within reach for everyone.

Accessible Learning

We understand the importance of flexibility in today’s fast-paced world. Our courses are accessible through online classes and recorded sessions available in our Learning Management System (LMS). This allows students to learn at their own pace, revisit difficult concepts, and balance their studies with other commitments, providing a seamless and convenient learning experience.

Student-First Approach

At the core of our values is a student-first approach. We prioritize the individual needs and goals of each student, ensuring personalized guidance and support. Our dedicated mentors are committed to create an enriching environment for students to thrive and achieve academic goals.

Our Mission

Fostering Financial Excellence

To empower the next generation of finance professionals by providing an education that is deeply rooted in practical skills, tailored mentoring, and real-world application. We aim to ensure that every student not only succeeds academically but also thrives in their career.

Our Vision

Build Finance Leaders of Tomorrow

Our vision at Edusmartpro is to set a new standard in commerce education, one that is recognized not just for its excellence in teaching but for its role in sculpting the careers of future industry leaders.

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